Basic Local Phone Call Service in San Diego

by Shelby Winchell

There are four different companies that provide local phone service to people living in San Diego. Depending on where you're calling in San Diego County, you may have to make a long distance call to reach someone 20 minutes east or north of you. San Diego County is broken up into three different area codes: 760, 858 and 619. Calling a phone number with a different area code is considered a long distance call.

Cox Communications

Cox Communications offers two calling plans for local calling. The Starter plan is the most basic plan and includes unlimited local phone calls. The Essential Plan also offers unlimited local calls with call waiting and caller ID for an additional monthly charge. The Essential Plan also comes with the busy line redial feature. When you call a number and get a busy signal, your phone will automatically call that number back when it's not busy so you don't have to keep calling. Cox offers online bill pay as an option to customers for no additional charge.


Verizon offers an unlimited local calling plan. This is the most basic calling plan. You can customize the plan to include additional features like caller ID, call blocking, call waiting, home voice mail and busy redial for an additional cost each month. Verizon lets you pay your phone bill online for no additional charge.


AT&T; provides local calling plans in addition to long distance plans. The basic local service package allows you to make unlimited local phone calls at any time of the day. Bonus services like call waiting, caller ID, call block and three-way calling are included in the price.


You don't need to subscribe to a separate phone service to use Vonage's basic phone service, but you do need a high-speed Internet connection from any provider of your choice. Vonage uses the Voice Over Internet Protocol to give you phone service on five different phones within the home. Plug one end of the Vonage phone adapter into your Internet connection and the other into your telephone to get dial tone. It doesn't matter if you're computer is turned off, on or unplugged. Vonage runs through the high-speed connection, which is always turned on. When someone calls you, the phone rings like normal. There's a monthly fee for Vonage subscribers.

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