How to Have a Baseball Theme for a Birthday Party

by Monica Patrick
Let the guest of honor be the

Let the guest of honor be the "Team Manager" of the party.

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If you love ball players like Derek Jeter or the legendary Hank Aaron, or have ever played with a "Bad News Bears" team, a baseball birthday theme is a good choice. A theme is a good way to pull a party together, excites guests about attending and makes the guest of honor feel special. A baseball theme reminds guests of summertime, hot dogs and good memories with friends. It is also associated with competitive play and sportsmanship. Host a baseball party for a guy who loves the game, your favorite "little league" player or the women's softball team, keeping some fundamental baseball ideas in mind.

Items you will need

  • Baseball invitations
  • Poster board
  • Green markers
  • Baseball balloons
  • Baseball bat and gloves
  • Grill
  • Hot dogs and buns
  • Ice
  • Canned drinks
  • Baseball birthday cake
  • Baseball cupcakes
  • Party favors
Step 1

Assemble guests by sending them invitations that resemble baseball tickets. Tell guests, "It's Opening Day!" or "The Coach is Calling You In!" Write in the invitation that you have added them to the roster and you need them to come play.

Step 2

Prepare an outdoor area suitable for playing ball. Look for an area that has lots of open space for running and hitting. If this is not possible, make signs saying "First Base" and "Home Base" and hang them from the walls of your party area.

Step 3

Display helium-filled balloons that shaped like baseballs. Hang them around the party area. Anchor the balloons to a baseball bat or glove.

Step 4

Hang a white poster board that reads, "Team Sign In." Ask guests to sign the "roster" and give the poster to the birthday boy or girl as a keepsake.

Step 5

Grill hot dogs and serve soft drinks in ballpark-style paper or plastic cups to guests. For the birthday cake, serve a large baseball cake to the guest of honor and give guests baseball cupcakes.

Step 6

Give guests baseball party favors like boxes of Cracker Jack, whistles or water bottles.

Tips & Warnings

  • Arrange baseball-inspired games for smaller children like T-ball.
  • Signal the end of the party by serving the cake and opening the gifts.

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