Baseball Party Wording for a Seventh Birthday

by Taylor DiVico
Add humor to your baseball party wording by using word plays.

Add humor to your baseball party wording by using word plays.

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The bases are loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning with your child's 7th birthday up to bat. Throw a grand-slam gathering of friends and family by creating a baseball-themed party, complete with the lingo, from start to finish. Find creative ways to implement baseball terminology into all aspects of the party, from invitations to activities, so your child and his friends enjoy a glimpse of the major leagues.

Baseball Party Invitations

Heighten anticipation for a 7th birthday baseball-themed party by creating invitations with a picture of the birthday child up to bat in his or her baseball uniform. Write a greeting such as "This Batter's Up for a Home Run Birthday" or "Come Celebrate Our Favorite Little Slugger." Write "Big Game Date," followed by the date of the party. Write "Home Base," followed by the location of the party. Write "Innings," followed by the start and end time of the party. Write "RSVP to Manager (parent's name)," followed by the RSVP date and phone number.

Baseball Party Cake

Design a cake that replicates a baseball field or has various types of baseball gear and equipment scattered on it. Write wording such as "Throw Some Heat, Johnny," as a word play on throwing a fastball. Use "Hit a Dinger, Birthday Boy" to reference a home run, or "Happy 7th Birthday, Ace" to allude to a team's best pitcher.

Baseball Party Signs

Make signs to designate different areas of the party. Write "Dig-in Dugout" on a sign near the food table. Create a spread of food that resembles what is available at baseball games: hot dogs, pizza, French fries, popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jack. Write "Sweet Spot" on a different sign and hang that from the snack, cake and ice cream table. Write wording such as "Strike Out Zone" and "The Alley" to designate game and gift areas. Draw baseball gear such as baseballs, gloves, bats, cleats, catchers' masks, bases and baseball caps on the signs to add to the theme.

Baseball Party Games

Create games that include baseball wording for names and baseball themes. For example, "Run the Bases" could represent a sack race around the bases to home plate. Apply the same rules as Simon Says to a game called "Umpire Says." Set up a game called "Curve Ball," in which kids have to throw a baseball into a hanging basket. Arrange a tee-ball area called "Grand Slam," where kids can practice batting. Set up a four-legged race called "In the Dirt."

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