Baseball Invitation Wording for a Boy's Birthday

by Olayemi Phillips

"Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don't care if I never get back!" claims the 1908 classic "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer. The song pays homage to one of America's favorite pastimes: baseball. Your little slugger might have developed a love of the game, so it's time to step up to the plate and organize a birthday celebration fit for a budding MVP. Use the perfect wording, and the invitation alone will be a home run with guests.

Home Run Fun

Score big with the kids by anticipating an out-of-the-park birthday experience. Excite them with "come and eat hot dogs, come and have fun, Charlie's 6th birthday, will be a home run!" If the idea is to play an actual game of baseball at the party, consider adapting the words and inviting guests to "a day full of hot dogs, a day full of fun, join us to celebrate, and hit a home run!" as found on Impress in Print.

Play Ball

Invite the guests to come and play ball with the birthday boy. Word invitations as an active call to action. Consider, "Come play a game we know you all love, don't forget to bring your glove. Bring your bat and baseball too -- Joshua wants to party with you!" Adapt the words when the party is at a location other than your home. "Come celebrate a sport we all love, don't forget your baseball, bat and glove! It's Jamie's 10th birthday and we're headed to the field to celebrate!" is found at Invitation Box and appropriate if less rhyming is more your style.

Little Sluggers

Make sure everyone knows that the birthday boy is the star of the "team." Refer to him as the "slugger" or the "hitter" when you create the invitation. Consider, from Make Your Own Invitations: "Hot dogs, cake, games and fun. Our little slugger is turning 1!" or that "Jamie, our big hitter will be 7!" Don't forget to give the birthday boy star treatment by calling him the "MVP."

Ballpark Phrases

You don't need to be poetically inclined to write fun and original baseball-themed invitations. Inject ballpark lingo into the invite whenever possible. Ask friends to "head over to the ball game," or to "step up to the plate," as their offer to come and celebrate. Use "Let's play ball at 4 o'clock!" or "Gates open at 4 o'clock" as the party start time. Instruct guests to RSVP by calling "the Coach," making sure you insert your telephone number.

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