Baseball Birthday Invitation Wording

by Nadia Nygaard
Play catch or a full baseball game at your baseball party.

Play catch or a full baseball game at your baseball party.

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Treat your little slugger to a baseball themed party for his birthday this year. Use tableware printed with a baseball theme, play a baseball game at a local diamond and give favors in the form of baseballs, caps or tickets to a game. Send invitations in the shape of a baseball, or featuring a baseball border. Another idea is to create invitations that look like trading cards, with a photo of the birthday boy next to the invitation text.

Take Me Out to the Party

Word your invitation with a play on the traditional seventh-inning stretch song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Take Me Out to the Party, Take me out to (location of party). Come get some ice cream and birthday cake, Bring your mitt for the baseball game's sake! Add your party details, including date and time below the rhyme.

Batter Up!

Create a high energy baseball party invitation using words like "slugger" and "batter up." Hey sluggers! Batter up! Let's have some baseball party fun! (Child's name) is turning (age), So come and score a run! After the rhyme, list the details of the date, time and place of the party, as well as contact information for RSVPs.

Trading Card Invite

If you choose to make a trading-card style invitation, set up the format of the invitation so that the party details and a brief blurb about the birthday boy appear to be statistics on a baseball card. Across the top of the card, put "Scott's Birthday Party!" Place a photo on the left side and the text to the right of the photo. Name: Age (almost!): Date: Time: Location: Follow this with a paragraph written in third person. For example: Scott has been throwing baseballs since his mom put one in his hand at two months old. He has trained at Summerville Little League under the direction of super coach Jim Brickley. His celebrated bat will be on display during his birthday party game. Join us as well fill the diamond with fun!

Play Ball!

Create an American's pastime feel with "play ball!" wording. Come play ball with Terry! Step up to the plate on (date and time) for an afternoon of America's favorite pastime. Get off the bench and join us at (location) for cracker jacks, hot dogs and home runs! It's sure to be a hit! RSVP for gameday fun.

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