Barbecue & Pool Party Invitation Wording

by Kimberly Dyke
Invite friends over for a backyard barbecue and pool party.

Invite friends over for a backyard barbecue and pool party.

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Invite friends, family and coworkers to your barbecue and pool party with a bright, catchy invitation that will set the mood for the event. Your invitation can be as creative as you are, whether celebrating a milestone like graduation, a birthday or simply making the most of a sunny, summer day.

Grab Attention

Begin your invitation with a catchy verse or rhyme to communicate the merry event. The Colors by Design website suggests something like, "Let's get together for no special reason, just to celebrate good food, good friends and the summer season!" A simple, "Put on your swimsuit and join us for a burger," is enough to grab the guests' attention.


Next, extend a clear request for your guests' presence and explain the event. Write, "Join us for a barbecue and swimming," or, "Come to our annual BBQ and pool party," so they know that it is a pool party as well as a cookout. If the party is being held in someone's honor, mention that as well, for example, "Come celebrate the engagement of Patty and Mike."


The invitation should list all of the party details, including the date, time and location. Make a note if the party is going to be held at your neighborhood clubhouse and pool, or a location other than your home. Write down the complete address so guests can program it into their navigation systems.


The final section of your party invitation should explain how and when the guests should RSVP. Provide your phone number or email address with a date for response so that you can plan accordingly.

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