Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas with a Sports Theme

by Pilar Ethridge
Follow a bar mitzvah ceremony with a lively sports-themed party.

Follow a bar mitzvah ceremony with a lively sports-themed party.

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In the Jewish tradition, coming of age for a boy is known as bar mitzvah. It literally translates as "son of the commandment," in reference to the time when a Jewish boy assumes the adult obligation of obeying the Ten Commandments, from which children are considered exempt. Modern bar mitzvah celebrations usually coincide with a boy's 13th birthday. Choosing a sports theme for a bar mitzvah party is no different than choosing a theme for a birthday party. A bar mitzvah ceremony followed by a party with a sports theme is perfectly suited to a boy who enjoys athletics.

Popular Sports

Basketball, soccer, football, tennis, hockey and volleyball can serve as bar mitzvah party themes, especially if the sport is significant to the celebrant. Party accessories and decorations will be fairly easy to locate at craft stores or special-events suppliers. One option is to decorate the reception venue in the colors of the celebrant's favorite professional sports team. Send out party invitations that look like tickets to a sporting event and guests will catch on to the idea.

Extreme Sports

They're not as common as sports played with a ball, but extreme sports, including bungee jumping, snowboarding, skateboarding, scuba diving, wakeboarding and motocross, can excite party guests. Phone local party rentals to see about renting an indoor rock climbing wall, or give guests mini-skateboards as party favors. The countercultural nature of an extreme-sports theme might not resonate as much with the older generation, but the kids will love it.

Water Sports

Water sports give a beach or island-themed vibe to a bar mitzvah celebration. It's not all about swimming and surfing, although those two are the most widely known water activities. Diving, windsurfing, water polo and snorkeling can serve as party themes. To pull this off, use plenty of beach or pool-themed accents including sand, faux fish, inner tubes and goggles to decorate. Consider asking guests to change into swim attire for an outdoor reception.


There's no bigger sports event than the Olympics. Not only does it involve dozens of different sports, it's also a global event involving athletes from all around the world. Using the Olympics as a theme, choose a few different sports as decorating inspiration. Remember that in addition to common sports, less common ones such as bowling, handball, table tennis and fencing are all part of the Olympics. Serve foods from around the world and decorate with flags of different countries for an international feel.

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