Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas for Kids

by Lacy Nichols
There are an unlimited amount of activities and games suitable for kids at a bar mitzvah celebration.

There are an unlimited amount of activities and games suitable for kids at a bar mitzvah celebration.

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A bar mitzvah is a coming of age celebration for young, Jewish men. Families of these young men host the bar mitzvah, which is often a large party similar to a wedding reception. Because a bar mitzvah involves guests of all ages, it is important to have a few activities and games suitable for both the young man being celebrated and any other kids in attendance. The scope of activities is limited only by the bounds of your imagination, but there are a few games and ideas that are simple and suitable for many ages.

Balloon Stomp Game

This is a simple, but high energy, game for ages 6 and up. All you need are some balloons and string. To play, each participant gets a balloon on a string tied to his ankle. Each player's goal is to stomp the other players' balloons. Whoever is the last to have his balloon popped, wins. It is recommended that you have a large space for this game. Any music is appropriate to played during this game, including traditional Jewish songs.

Bar Mitzvah Themes

One way to spice up a bar mitzvah is to have a theme. If you're planning on having a large number of kids attending the bar mitzvah, a theme is an easy way to make the celebration a bit more kid-friendly. By establishing a theme, it will be easier to plan activities. For example, if the theme is centered around baseball, set up a mini whiffle ball game. Some popular themes include Star Wars, Harry Potter, football and Disney.

Party Favors

Party Favors make a great addition to any party in which kids are attending, including bar mitzvahs. One great way to turn party favors into an actual activity for kids is to make them interactive. If you have the resources, one great idea is to hire a caricature artist and let the party guests take home a caricature of themselves as a favor. Other interactive party favors include disposable cameras and balloon animals.

Hula Hoop Contest

One fun activity for kids at a bar mitzvah is a hula hoop contest. It isn't too limited to age or sex, and should appeal to most of the kids. All you need is a few hula hoops and some music. Have the kids begin hula hooping at the same time, and see who can do it the longest. Consider having a prize for the winner. Another game to play with hula hoops consists of making a circle, holding hands and placing one hula hoop between two people, hanging on their arms. Start a song and have the players pass the hula hoop from one person to another without breaking the circle. Once the song ends, the person who has the hula hoop is out. Continue until only one person remains.

Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos

Hire a face painter (or a talented relative) to paint the faces of all the kids in attendance. This is a popular activity for younger kids, and provides hours of fun. Most face painters will be able to paint a variety of objects on the face, and the paint is usually easily washable. Another option is to create a temporary tattoo station. To do this, place many temporary tattoos in a bowl, and provide a sponge or two and bowl of water. Station an adult in the area to assist. This is sure to be a hit among the kids.

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