Bank Shuffleboard Rules

by Scott Cornell
Shuffleboard involves aiming weights to earn points.

Shuffleboard involves aiming weights to earn points.

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Although shuffleboard is best associated with senior citizen games played in retirement homes and communities throughout the country, table-sized courses can also be found in bars and arcade centers. The game is played by attempting to guide weights to a bulls-eye-like target on the course using either your hands (as is the norm in table shuffleboard) or a cue. Players can knock each others' weights out of high-point areas. At the end of the game, the winner is the player who accumulated the most points based on where weights lie on the target. There are several variations to the game. One of these is bank shuffleboard.

How It's Played

According to Shuffleboard Corner, bank shuffleboard is played the same way as standard shuffleboard is played, with one exception: The weights must first be played so that they bank off of the sides of the game board before they reach the target area. This method differs from standard shuffleboard, in which players typically aim straight on to guide their weights to the target area of the course. Think of bank shuffleboard like bumper bowling, except playing the weights off the walls is mandatory.

Where It's Played

Most outdoor, full-length shuffleboard courts aren't ideal for a game of bank shuffleboard. This is because the courts are typically open and not enclosed, so if the weight is played toward the walls, it will simply glide off the court. Therefore, bank shuffleboard is best played on tabletop boards. These boards are designed similar to an air hockey table in that most are walled in, allowing players to make bank shots without the weights gliding off the table.

Skill Level

Shuffleboard is considered a sport where strategy and skill trump physical attributes. This is even more evident in bank shuffleboard. Think of bank shuffleboard in the context of playing pool. Not only do you have to judge playing angles to put your weight where you want it to go, but you have to also hit the right spots along the board's sides in the right areas to execute a proper shot. Essentially, bank shuffleboard throws another challenging element in the game.


Bank shuffleboard, according to Shuffleboard Corner, is also known as "cushion shuffleboard," for the cushions, or walls, that line the court. Although bank shuffleboard isn't as widely played as the conventional game of shuffleboard, its popularity is starting to rise. For example, Nancy Whiskey Pub ( in New York City offers informal play on a bank shuffleboard table on the weekdays and tournament play on the weekends.

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