Balloon Game for Stress

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Let a balloon take your stress away.

Let a balloon take your stress away.

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The hustle and bustle of daily life is enough to make anyone stressed from time to time. Instead of merely "dealing with" stress the next time it comes about, tackle it head on. Relieving stress doesn't have to require complex techniques, but can be as simple as spending some time with a common balloon. When next you feel the pressure of stress weighing down, use simple balloon exercises to take away some of the oppressive weight of the emotion.

Balloon Bounce

Balloons at times seem to defy gravity, floating through the air with almost impossible grace. Take some time to appreciate this seeming weightlessness as a way to take away some of your stress. Using an inflated balloon, bounce it into the air, passing it from hand-to-hand. Keep tapping the balloon, trying to keep it aloft. By focusing your energy on this balloon task you may find yourself less able to think about the source of your stress and, as a result, less stressed than you were previously.

Pop Away the Stress

Sometimes a loud stress release is what you really need. Balloon popping is an effective -- and safe -- way to release out some pent-up stress. Blow up balloons and use these inanimate objects as victims of your frustration. After creating a collection of balloons, set about destroying them, pounding on them with your feet, sitting on them or just squishing them between your hands to pop them. With each loud pop, you will likely feel some stress slip away.

Two-Person Keep-Up

Pair up with a friend to complete a stress-reducing balloon activity. To start, blow up one balloon and with your friend's help bat it up in the air, keeping it floating as long as you can. Once you build your skills with one balloon, add another, both working to keep two balloons floating. Continue to add balloons, trying to keep an increasing number of these balloons off the ground at the same time with some help from your friend.

Balloon Juggling

Though many find the task of juggling to be challenging, with balloons as your juggling implements it will likely prove easier. Using three balloons, practice your juggling skills, tossing one balloon up in the air and then another and passing them from hand to hand. As you focus on building this simple skill you will likely find your mind less preoccupied with the source of your stress.

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