Balloon Decoration for a Formal Party

by Sky Martin
Pearlescent balloons are a must-have for formal parties.

Pearlescent balloons are a must-have for formal parties.

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One of the easiest ways to create a festive atmosphere in a venue is to use balloons. Balloon decorations are frequently used to ornament formal events such as proms, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. If you are in charge of planning a formal event, use balloon decorations to highlight certain areas in the venue. Depending on the look you are trying to create, consider these balloon decorations to transform an ordinary venue.

Balloon Arch

Build a balloon arch to emphasize any area in the room such as a head table, stage, entrance, or dance floor. A "string of pearls" balloon arch consists of helium filled balloons that are attached together by fishing line. Spiral effects are created in the balloon arch by placing contrasting colors of balloons next to each other. Several balloon arches can be placed over a dance floor to create a romantic tunnel effect. Remember that a helium balloon arch has a short life span of approximately 12 to 24 hours, so plan accordingly.

Balloon Pillars

A balloon pillar, also known as a balloon column, is a vertical balloon decoration. Balloon pillars consist of attaching clusters of balloons on a vertical metal or plastic pipe until the pipe is covered. Sometimes the colors of the balloons are alternated to create a spiral effect. The top of the balloon pillar may be a large cluster of balloons or it may be an extra large Mylar -- a shiny polyester film -- balloon. Balloon pillars are used to define the edges of the dance floor or they mark the ends of a balloon arch.

Balloon Bouquets

Regardless of the size of the party, balloon bouquets are a popular party decoration because they are the easiest to make. A balloon bouquet that consists of pearlescent balloons adds an elegant touch to the venue. Balloon bouquets are made up of an odd number of helium balloons -- such as five, seven or nine -- and are tied together. These bouquets are placed at the entrance, at the edges of a dance floor, the edges of a head table or as centerpieces. Use metallic curling ribbon to decorate the balloon bouquet.

Balloon Table Centerpieces

Balloons are an inexpensive alternative to floral centerpieces. One option is to arrange balloons -- Mylar or latex -- of various heights, tie to metallic curling ribbons and make a balloon bouquet. The bouquet is tied to a decorative balloon weight. Another option is to tie five small or medium sized helium balloons to the neck of an extra large helium balloon with fishing line so they appear as if they are floating around the larger balloon. Long satin ribbon is then attached to the neck of the large balloon. A square mirror in the center of the table adds a touch of drama to this look. Sprinkle confetti or rhinestones on the mirror to enhance the effect.

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