Bakeries in Concord, MA

by Sabrina Holley-Williams
From fresh baked bread to decorated cakes and cookies, you can find a selection of your favorite baked goods in Concord.

From fresh baked bread to decorated cakes and cookies, you can find a selection of your favorite baked goods in Concord.

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Concord, Massachusetts, is just a short jaunt from Boston. Steeped in history and charm, it's a great place for a vacation, and while you are there you can find some delicious baked goods. Whether you are looking for scones or pies made with fresh seasonal fruits, gooey cookies and brownies, cakes for a special occasion or bread baked fresh that morning, you can find it all available at the various bakeries located in Concord.

Nashoba Brook Bakery

Since 1998 Nashoba Brook Bakery ( has specialized in slow rise breads. The bread baking process takes 24 hours from mixing to hitting the cooling rack. All bread varieties are made with unbleached and unbromated flour and do not contain any oil, milk, sugar or eggs. Flavors range from the traditional, such as sourdough, rye and seven grain, to the more unique, such as "harvest," which is full of fresh apricots, figs, cranberries, pecans, walnuts and candied ginger. Stop by and enjoy a sandwich made with slow-rise bread or pick up some fresh baked loaves to take home.

Concord Teacakes

Like the name suggests, Concord Teacakes ( specializes in cakes, but offers much more than that. The company began with two cake recipes: chocolate and almond lemon. They shortly added Emily Dickinson's Black cake, a brandy raisin cake. All of these cakes are still available, along with scones, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, bagels and decorated special occasion cakes. They also offer a selection of soups, sandwiches, salads, and dinners packaged ready to go.

Sally Ann Food Shop

Sally Ann Food Shop (no website; 73 Main St., Concord; 978-369-4558) is located in Concord Center. Sally Ann's sells a variety of freshly baked homemade goodies as well as sandwiches and soups. They also design wedding cakes for that special day. One of its specialties is a maple scone. Try one with a cup of coffee at the shop or while strolling through historic downtown Concord.

Verrill Farm

Located on 200 acres in Concord and Sudbury, Verrill Farm ( is a family owned farm that grows and supplies fresh seasonal vegetables to restaurants, farmer's markets and its own farm stand store on Wheeler Road in Concord. The farm stand has a in-house bakery where homemade muffins, scones, pies, cakes and other desserts are baked daily, many of which are made from fresh seasonal produce from the farm.

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