How to Bait Turkey

by Michael Kozlowski
Using bait, calls and decoys can help you to bring turkeys into close range.

Using bait, calls and decoys can help you to bring turkeys into close range.

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Turkeys can be very suspicious and surprisingly aware animals. Hunting turkey is usually a matter of sitting in one location and trying to draw them close enough to shoot. Baiting a turkey can be a matter of using food that attracts the turkey, calls to bring them close and decoys to convince them of the relative safety of the area.

Items you will need

  • Cracked corn
  • Turkey call
  • Turkey decoys
Step 1

Scout out your hunting areas for a location that turkeys frequent. Scouting early in the morning or near dusk is a good idea because you can catch turkeys leaving or returning to their roosts. Pick a spot to sit that is 20 yards or so from where you expect to shoot the turkey and that gives you cover while still leaving you an open shooting opportunity.

Step 2

Spread cracked corn in the area where you want the turkeys to linger for you to get a shot. Note that it is illegal to hunt turkeys with bait in many states. Check your local hunting regulations to ensure that you are following the law.

Step 3

Place turkey decoys in the area. The decoys give the real turkeys a sense that it is safe in the area.

Step 4

From your hunting location, use a turkey caller. Many hunters find this to be the most challenging and rewarding part of turkey hunting. Electronic turkey callers are not legal in most areas so, again, check local hunting regulations to make sure you are not doing anything illegal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turkeys are very timid and alert easily to movement. Having a good concealing blind and wearing camouflage clothing will help you get the drop on them.

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