How to Bait a Crayfish Trap

by Lanh Ma
Make sure you have a license to trap crayfish.

Make sure you have a license to trap crayfish. Images

Crayfish traps consist of a cone-shaped entrance that leads into a reservoir. Once the crayfish has enterd the reservoir, it has difficulty climbing back out the small entrance. To ensure that you trap plenty of crayfish when you set your trap, bait your trap appropriately. Baiting correctly also helps prevent the crayfish from seeking out the entrance hole to escape again.

Items you will need

  • Fish heads or fish trimmings
  • Knife
  • Bait box
  • Crayfish trap
Step 1

Cut fish heads or fish trimmings into long, wide strips using a sharp knife. Make sure that you are using fresh fish, as crayfish do not care for bait that is slimy or old.

Step 2

Place the processed fish in a bait box. A bait box is a mesh box that is placed in the crayfish trap. It keeps the bait stationery.

Step 3

Place the bait box in a freezer until you are ready to go trapping and thaw it out the morning you are ready to go. Freezing the bait keeps it fresh enough for the crayfish.

Step 4

Open the crayfish trap and place the bait box inside the trap. At this point, the trap is ready to be lowered into the water.

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