Backstage Pass Craft for Kids

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Kids who like music or who are fans of young music stars may enjoy a backstage pass craft project. This type of craft offers a great deal of flexibility in how kids use it. They can create a simple or complex design for the backstage pass, making it an appropriate craft for kids with many different skill levels.

The Purpose

Many event coordinators issue backstage passes to events like concerts. The backstage pass allows the holder admission to the backstage area and grants first-hand access to the stars headlining the event. Depending upon the event, a backstage pass might include a meet and greet with the band, dinner, a tour of the backstage area, autographed T-shirts or concert posters and a view of the show from backstage. Use the idea of the backstage pass to create a craft for your child's next important event.


The types of events that would work well with a backstage pass craft for kids include a rock-star party or music-festival theme to celebrate a child's birthday or graduation. A backstage pass becomes part of the invitation to these events. Adapt the events to the party and age of the people attending and put this information on the backstage pass. For example, a T-shirt signing event becomes a T-shirt painting event and dinner with the rock star turns into dinner with the guest of honor. Ask that your guests RSVP the party and tell them to bring the backstage pass with them, which will grant them entrance into the party.


Allow the age of the party's participants to help you choose the materials you'll use to make the backstage pass craft for kids. For younger kids, make a backstage pass from craft foam. For older kids or teenagers, use colored card stock. If you make the backstage pass from felt or craft foam, use T-shirt paint or markers to write the event information on it. Colored markers or pencils provide spots of color for a pass you make from card stock. Other items you can add to the backstage pass craft for kids are pictures of the person of honor, glitter or stickers.


Party favors represent a common item that a child takes away from a party. With a little planning, you can use the backstage pass as a favor. Customize each pass so that it grants the child a gift upon leaving the party. Write this on the pass. Some kinds of items to give away with the presentation of the backstage pass include movie tickets, a day pass into a local theme park or gift certificates for dinner. To use the backstage pass in this way, write the information about the party on one side and add information on the back, which indicates the type of party favor the backstage pass has netted her. If you've made a backstage pass from materials such as craft foam or plastic, they'll keep that and the prize as their party favors.

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