Bachelorette Party Murder Mystery Games

by Annabeth Kaine
Host an evening of excitement and intrique with a murder mystery.

Host an evening of excitement and intrique with a murder mystery.

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Round up the girls for that last single-life bash and host a murder mystery bachelorette party. Assign each girl a role and watch the scene unfold around you. Use a pre-made kit or make up your own story-line based on the gals in your group. Toss in some costumes and decorations to complete the effect.


Before deciding on a murder mystery kit, think about the bachelorette party theme. There is no rule saying you have to coordinate the party theme with the murder mystery story, but if you have a glamorous group consider a theme that involves getting dressed up in fancy costumes. A more laid-back party might not require guests to get dressed up at all. For example, "Death by Chocolate" is a pre-made murder mystery kit that gives you "spa-like" recipes for treating the girls during the bachelorette party.


Your location plays a big role in setting up the murder mystery evening. Some murder mystery kits need several rooms for all of the acts in the play; some mysteries require outdoor space. Consider how many girls you invited to the party and whether you will be indoors or out. Reserve at least two to three rooms for your murder mystery evening, along with outdoor space if needed.

Costumes and Decorations

Keep some novelty crime scene tape on hand to mark off the crime area. Keep the details simple but real to the situation. A dinner party-themed murder mystery could have fancy china dishes on the table while a night club-themed mystery might use black lights and disco balls as decorations. Ask your gals to come to the party "in character" and according to the theme.


Incorporate food into your party based on your theme. A southern-style murder mystery can offer fried chicken, biscuits and potato salad for the main course and an apple pie for dessert. For a tea party mystery, use finger foods like cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs and scones as a tasty dessert. Ask guests to each bring one small finger food or dessert to the party to ease party-staging details.

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