Bachelorette Party Ideas in Los Angeles

by Kerry O'Donnell
Los Angeles offers many traditional and non-traditional venues for bachelorette parties.

Los Angeles offers many traditional and non-traditional venues for bachelorette parties.

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So, you're the maid of honor for your best friend's wedding and you're in charge of organizing the bachelorette party. Sure, you can plan the usual club hopping, complete with a scavenger hunt, a silly veil for the bride and all the other typical bachelorette party fare. But for something different, Los Angeles has a few non-traditional places the bride will enjoy on her last night as a bachelorette.

Hells Belles Burlesque

Hells Belles Burlesque ( can help the bride-to-be and party guests celebrate with a playful, and a little bit naughty, Bachelorette Burlesque. The bride-to-be and friends will learn the seductive art of striptease taught by some of the L.A. area's top burlesque performers. You'll learn beginning chair tricks, how to use props such as gloves and fans and some sexy floor work. Wine and champagne are provided. Another location to learn sexy burlesque moves is The Secret Pole Dance Studio ( The studio offers both on-site and off-site parties.

Spa Day

The bride and her friends can kick back at a VIP Party at The Lounge Spa ( Tucked away in a personalized private party lounge area, with theme decorations and a swag bag for each guest, the bridal party can immerse themselves in facials, massages and pampering. Robes, slippers and lockers are provided for all guests A shop at the spa carries scrubs, lotions and apparel.

The Drawing Party

The Drawing Party, located at ArtWork Studios (, gives attendees a chance to get creative with a risque twist. The studio starts the evening off for the bride and guests with dinner and champagne. After dinner, members of the party will learn the basics of sketching the male form with help from the studio's experienced instructors. Also on hand: an actual live (and nude) male model.

Sunset Horse Back Riding

Horseback riding can set a free and wild tone for a bachelorette party evening. Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables in Los Angeles offers three different sunset rides through the Hollywood Hills. One of the packages includes a stop for dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant. Another package offers music, food and fun at a BBQ hosted back at the ranch.

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