Baby's First Birthday: Homemade Invitations

by Sky Martin
Your little one has no idea what her first birthday is all about.

Your little one has no idea what her first birthday is all about.

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On your child's first birthday, there is plenty to celebrate with family and friends. Although he may not understand the significance of this milestone until he's much older, he'll still be excited to plunge into the cake at his party. Since this is such a sentimental party, instead of purchasing generic first birthday invitations, make your own. Using paper that matches the color scheme of the event and crafting supplies, you can make adorable homemade invitations.

Princess Theme

A princess party theme makes a lovely choice for a little girl's birthday. To make invitations, select a blank white card. Make a border around the edges of the card with a decorative rubber stamp. Some possibilities for the border include stars, hearts, flowers or butterflies. Place a photo of your little girl wearing a frilly dress in the center. Or place a decorative princess sticker in the center. Write a tagline on the top of the card such as "Princess Molly is turning one. You are invited to share this special milestone with her friends and family". Or "Please join us as we celebrate Elizabeth's first Birthday". Below the tagline, write specifics about the party such as location, time, address and RSVP information. Sprinkle glitter on the invitation to enhance the rest of the card.

Prince Theme

If it's a little prince that lives in your castle, go for a prince party theme. To make invitations, use decorative scissors to cut along the edges of cardstock. Cut out letters that spell the word prince from decorative scrapbook paper. Use paper that matches your party color scheme. Glue the letters to the top of the blank card. Cut a small gold crown out of cardstock. Glue rhinestones or beads to the tips of the crown. Add a tagline beneath the crown. Use a saying like "Our little prince is celebrating his first birthday and we request your presence". Add party specific details beneath your greeting.

Monkey Theme

Invite your guests to celebrate for a circus themed party with monkey themed invitations. Cut out a monkey from beige or brown scrapbooking paper. Monkeys are easily made with one medium circle shape for the belly, one small circle shape for the face and two smaller circle shapes for the ears. Cut out narrow strips from the paper for the monkey's arms and hands. Assemble the monkey and glue to the front of a blank card. Use a pink card for girls and a blue one for boys. Use markers or acrylic paint to make facial features on the monkey. Write a tagline such as "It's a special treat to have you as a guest at Sarah's birthday party. " Or "Our little monkey is celebrating her first birthday". Write party specific details on the back of the card.

Flower Theme

If you want a flower theme for your party, make pretty flower invitations. Cut out a flower shape from pink, sky blue, yellow or purple cardstock. A daisy consists of a round circle and a few petals. Assemble the pieces of the flower and glue together. Write the greeting in the center of the card. Write a tagline such as "Our little flower is turning one! Join us to celebrate". Enhance your daisy with glitter or use acrylic paint to make polka dots or other designs on the petals. Write party specific details on the back of the flower.

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