Baby Snoopy Party Decorations

by Rachel Ford
Snoopy makes an adorable theme for a baby's birthday.

Snoopy makes an adorable theme for a baby's birthday.

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Baby's birthday party will be a time to remember, especially if you choose an adorable theme. Snoopy is a classic and lovable character that your guests will easily recognize and your baby, boy or girl, will adore. A variety of commercial products are available to order, but incorporating a few simple ideas is more tasteful. Your character party will charm everyone when you select the right decorations.

Gifts in the Doghouse

Create Snoopy's doghouse out of a cardboard box and use it to house presents. Find a box, cut out a dog door and paint it red with thin, black horizontal lines. Find another similar-sized box and cut off the top, bottom and two sides to resemble a rooftop. Paint the roof to match the house. Attach the roof to the house with duct tape from the inside so it is not visible.

Dog Dish Favors

Purchase new plastic dog dishes to send home with your guests. Fill them with small party favors, toys, candy or even cookies shaped like bones. Apply Snoopy stickers or letters that spell "Snoopy" to the outside of the dishes.

Put Food on Display

In addition to a character cake, which you can order or make on your own, set out other fun goodies that fit the Snoopy theme, such as bone-shaped cookies, brownie bites, snack mix -- even peanuts. You can also use a small dog bone cookie cutter to shape mini-sandwiches, cheese slices and fruit.

Incorporate Color

Black, white and red are all Snoopy colors. Choose these colors when you are shopping for paper products, tablecloths, balloons, crepe paper and other party supplies. They will be easy to find and you can reuse the leftovers for a future celebration.

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