Baby Shower Wishing-Well Note Ideas

by Kyra Sheahan

A wishing well at a baby shower gives guests the chance to write a special note for the mommy-to-be. The vessel in which guests place their wishing-well notes can range from a simple decorative box to a birdcage. This sentimental gesture is a baby shower tradition that symbolizes good things to come for the new parents.

Words of Wisdom

If you already have children, you may have some words of wisdom to share -- especially if the mommy-to-be is a first-time parent. Write a few words of wisdom or inspiration based on what you have experienced firsthand. You might write something like "The secret to staying sane is lots of naps" or "You'll soon find that there's such a thing as too many loads of laundry."

Gift Cards

Slip a gift card into your wishing well note to help the new parents purchase something they have wished for, such as baby clothes or toys. If the baby shower invitation included registry information, purchase a gift card from that particular store. Otherwise, select a gift card to a baby store that you think the parents would enjoy. Cash and checks are also welcome additions to a wishing well note.


Older relatives of the honoree might write about baby memories they have of her, which makes for a nostalgic wishing-well note. You can select a fond or funny memory and share it with the new mother. If you have pictures to illustrate your nostalgic note, include them in the envelope.


If you are the poetic type, write a poem for the mommy-to-be. You can write "When there were just two, there was more time for you. But now that you will be three, oh what a happy family you will be!" Or "A special wish for your baby girl is to give her all the love in the world."

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