Baby Shower Prize Ideas for Both Genders

by Emily Potter
Baby showers aren't just for women anymore.

Baby showers aren't just for women anymore.

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Traditionally, baby showers were about groups of women, giggling over games and swapping gossip and baby advice over a light lunch. Today, however, many are choosing to host co-ed baby showers, often called "Jack and Jill" showers. Co-ed baby showers call for a different feel and theme, focusing on both the mom- and dad-to-be. Both men and women enjoy fun games, and everyone loves a good prize, but a typical man isn't going to go wild over a bottle of nail polish or lavender-scented bath salts. Choosing prizes for both genders takes a bit of planning.

Food and Drink

Food is a prize that anyone, regardless of gender, can enjoy. Try candy bars, beef jerky, jars of nuts or trail mix for favors and prizes. Cookies are also a great choice. Even consider little drinks -- mini champagne and wine bottles can be a cute and fun gift for both genders.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can suit just about any personality. Choose gift cards that people of both genders would enjoy, such as restaurant or movie gift certificates. Cards to general department stores are also appropriate. You could even get a bit creative with a fun activity, such as miniature golf certificates.

Tools and Trinkets

Small tools, such as mini flashlights, are useful for anyone. Trinkets such as photo frames and key chains make practical, inexpensive prizes. When choosing a prize such as a scented candle, make sure it is a scent that appeals to both men and women. Movie DVDs can be popular prizes, as long as the movies are the type to appeal to both genders.

For the Couple

Since baby showers with both male and female guests typically feature mostly couples, a prize that will appeal to both can make games a bit more fun. Try gifts such as a certificate for a romantic dinner or a night on the town for a sweet reward.

Segregated Gifts

Just because the baby shower is co-ed doesn't mean the prizes have to all be gender neutral. Hosts can choose the prizes for game winners based on their personality and gender. For the guys, you can choose prizes such as small tools or even a six-pack of beer. For the women, fingernail polish or sweetly scented candles can be appropriate.

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