Baby Shower Planning Timetable

by Kate Bradley
It takes time to pull together the perfect baby shower.

It takes time to pull together the perfect baby shower.

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If you want to execute a memorable, well-planned baby shower, you have to start months in advance. Planning the food and decor, making the guest list and preparing the shower venue takes time and careful attention to ensure the best possible results. If you're ready to start planning a baby shower, consult a planning timetable first.

One to Two Months Before

The early planning stage is crucial. You may make decisions, such as booking vendors, that cannot be cancelled without incurring fees, so think carefully. One to two months before the shower, set your budget. Check with friends or family members to see if they'd like to contribute. Make a tentative guest list and get feedback from the mom-to-be. Pick a venue, an exact date and a theme for the shower, then plan the menu. When the guest list has been finalized, mail the invitations one month in advance.

One to Three Weeks Before

You don't want hungry guests at the shower, so finalize your menu and order the cake a few weeks before the big day. Order any decorations you need and book the entertainment, if applicable. If you designated an RSVP deadline, check that all guests have responded and finalize the guest count. Tie up loose ends, such as purchasing film for your camera. Clean the venue, wrap your shower gift and purchase any necessary game supplies. Don't forget to order or borrow extra tables and chairs, if needed.

The Day Before

Now is the time to give your plans a once-over and check that everything will run smoothly for the shower. Decorate your venue. Don't forget to bring extra tape and scissors for decorations that fall down or are damaged. If you're cooking for the shower, do what you can the day before. While at your venue, arrange the tables and chairs in a way that will make every guest feel comfortable and welcome. Remember to stock extra ice and drinks and have plastic storage containers on hand for leftovers.

The Big Day

The day of the shower, double-check all your decorations and game supplies. Pick up the cake and any balloons or gifts you ordered. Set the food out just before the party begins and make sure that you have plenty of trash bags for wrapping paper and waste. Don't forget to have a notepad and pen close by for keeping track of the gifts and givers -- the mom-to-be will thank you later. As guests arrive, ask for volunteers to take pictures or video of the event. Stick to your schedule throughout the shower and stay calm.

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