Baby Shower Office Party Ideas

by Kimberly Turtenwald
An office baby shower shows appreciation for the employee.

An office baby shower shows appreciation for the employee.

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In some offices, the employees become a tight-knit group that can closely emulate a group of good friends. When one employee is pregnant, the group might want to throw her a baby shower to express their camaraderie. Of course, the ability to throw the shower on company time depends on the flexibility of the company and the boss in particular.


The first factor that must be considered for an office baby shower is the scheduling. Talk to the boss first and find out if you can have the shower on company time or if it must be scheduled after working hours. If you want to surprise the guest of honor, work with the boss to set up an office staff meeting over lunch. Go through the motions of setting up the staff meeting so the guest of honor isn't suspicious. Make sure you clue in the other employees, though, to avoid the embarrassment of showing up with only a pen and paper in hand. If you cannot hold the shower during office hours, you will likely need to let the mom-to-be in on the plans.


The food at an office baby shower doesn't have to be much different from any other baby shower. For a shower that takes place over the lunch break, collect money from the attendees and order food, such as subs or pizza. A potluck is also an option. Ask each person in the office to bring a favorite dish to share with the others. Pass around a sign-up sheet to avoid everyone bringing jello or soda. Depending on the timing of the shower, snacks might be the more appropriate option. For a shower that takes place outside of business hours, reserve a room at a local restaurant and order from there. No matter what food you choose, don't forget the cake.


Depending on the type of office in which you work, there are several options for holding the baby shower. A conference room is usually large enough to accommodate all of the guests and offers seating and tables for eating. The cafeteria is another option that has plenty of space for sitting and eating. Choosing a small location, such as the boss's office, that does not have a place for the guests to eat would not be a good idea.


For an office baby shower, it is important to keep things simple. You probably won't have a lot of time to set up or remove the decorations. Hang up one banner for the baby shower. Purchase centerpieces that pop up and fold back down when you are done for quick, easy set-up and take-down. If you use balloons, keep them bundled together so they can easily be transported back to the office for disposal. Quick removal becomes even more important if a board meeting is scheduled right after the shower. After all, the CEO of the company doesn't want to feed those rumors about her parenting status.


Unless the shower takes place after office hours, you will be pressed for time. You might be able to talk the boss into extending everyone's lunch time by half an hour but closing the office for an extended period of time is not productive. Therefore, in many cases, games should be avoided. If you want to play games, choose quick games, such as word scrambles and gift bingo that can be played while the mom-to-be opens her gifts. A baby shower after hours has fewer time constraints and can more easily emulate a regular baby shower.


One of the main purposes of any baby shower is to shower the new mom with gifts for her baby. An office baby shower is no different. However, many offices employ both men and women. When it comes to babies, some men, especially single men, are completely clueless and may not have any idea what to buy. For an office shower, collect money from anyone who wants to contribute to get a joint gift for the mom-to-be. Those who would rather purchase something individually are free to do so as well.

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