Baby Shower Invites With Detachable Advice Card

by Jack Burton
Mothers-to-be seem to always be an advice magnet for the rest of the population.

Mothers-to-be seem to always be an advice magnet for the rest of the population. Images

Expectant mothers receive lots of advice from their friends and family. It seems as if everyone has a bit of wisdom to impart about babies, for good or for ill. From having and rearing the baby to dealing with the husband afterward, there are people just itching to pass along what they've learned. What better time to give them the chance than at the baby shower? Including a detachable advice card along with the invitation allows everyone to chime in with what you need to know.

Recipe Cards

Favorite meals for babies are a great collection to have for a new mother. Allowing guests to share the types of food that their children enjoyed best gives her a "heads up" on what you can expect from your baby. Recipe cards are easy to add to an invitation. Guests without their own children can quiz their mothers or other friends with babies to see what they like. Alternately, the recipe cards can be used to share easy, quick-to-make meals that allow the new parents to enjoy a home cooked meal while still recovering from having a new member of the home.

Advice List

Provide the cards with an already numbered list from 1 through 4 and ask the guests to fill in four items. Examples are, "Four favorite songs to sing to my baby," "Four things I am going to forget to do but must absolutely remember," and "Four best places in town to buy second-hand children clothes." If you are creating the invitations on your own computer and printer then you can create a variety of lists and receive feedback on numerous topics.

Advice for the Father

Ask your guests for advice from a woman's perspective for the father of the baby. Promise in the invitation that the advice will be between the guest and the father, and that you will not look at them. When the guests come to the party, they put the advice cards into a large envelope which is sealed up and then given to the father. Allow the guests to optionally sign the advice cards.

Advice Card Game

Turn the advice cards into a game without the guests knowing it. Give a prize for the card with the least amount of words and one for the greatest number of words. Have selected words and phrases ready in advance and give prizes to the cards that mention these words. Examples are mother-in-law, nipple, epidural or breech. Give other prizes to topics that you select in advance that you think someone will write about, such as intimacy with the father after the baby is born or how wonderful cesareans really are.

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