Baby Shower Ideas Using Tonka Trucks

by Suzie Faloon
Large trucks work well for food displays at a baby shower.

Large trucks work well for food displays at a baby shower.

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A Tonka truck baby shower offers a truckload of ideas for a couple who are expecting a boy. The theme works for a shower for the mother or with the couple as guests of honor. This is a shower theme that also makes men feel more at home. But be warned: You may have to pull the big boys away from the toys.


Purchase or design shower invitations that feature a Tonka truck made with pastel coloring. Carry the clip art or hand-drawn design to a banner or garland of vehicles. Hang yellow crepe paper streamers around the party area with the words "caution," and "baby on board" hand-printed on them with a black marker. Incorporate child-size plastic construction hats into the decor; after the shower, give them to children at the event.

Food Display

Set a large Tonka dump truck on a table. Place clean dishes in the payload area of the truck and fill them with cut vegetables or dip. Frost a large, rectangular cake and sprinkle part of it with graham cracker crumbs to create a pile of sand. Add small, clean Tonka vehicles to create a construction scene on the cake. Fill the bucket of a bulldozer and body of a dump truck with miniature candy pacifiers. As an alternative, frost a cake so it looks like a Tonka truck. Scatter paper cutouts of truck shapes on the table.

Gift Holder

Fashion a large Tonka truck from a cardboard appliance carton for an oversized table or floor centerpiece. Paint the box with trademark yellow, green or blue baby colors. Add the family's last name as if it's a truck company logo. Guests can fill the box with their gifts as they come in for the baby shower. String a small clothesline over the truck-shaped box and hang little pieces of clothing or diapers for the baby.


Organize common shower games with a Tonka theme twist. Encourage guests to look at a tray filed with small Tonka toys. Cover it after three to five minutes, and challenge guests to write down each type and color of vehicle they can recall. For a more creative activity, provide each guest or couple with a one-piece undergarment or t-shirt that will fit a 3- to 18-month-old baby. Ask each team to decorate its garment with iron-on appliques, rubber stamp images or fabric paint. Award a prize for the best-decorated Tonka theme garment for the baby. Include a play area with small Tonka trucks to keep young guests busy.

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