Baby Shower Ideas with Little Feet

by Jack Burton
Baby showers are a traditional time for women friends and family to bond.

Baby showers are a traditional time for women friends and family to bond.

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Baby showers are more than just a time when the expectant mother is "showered" with gifts from her friends and family. They're a time to share with people we like and love. Decorations and games help set the tone for the shower, and using little baby feet as a central focus will remind people of what they're celebrating together.


Cut representational baby feet from translucent paper and string them together in a garland for decoration. For a special touch, attach the cut-out baby feet in front of white Christmas LED string lights and hang the strings around the room. The soft lights behind each translucent foot will give the room a fantasy glow.

"Pin The Baby Feet on the Baby"

"Pin the..." games have always been enjoyed at parties and creating a "Pin the Baby Feet on the Baby" game adds a new twist. Guests are blindfolded, twirled around and pointed in the direction of the board with the footless baby. Use a copier or scanner and printer to make enough feet so that everyone has an opportunity to play the game. Pushpins or straight pins will help the feet stick.

Matching Feet

Use various colors of construction paper to make many different baby feet. On the back of each foot, write a code word or number. Mix it up so that some feet have numbered codes, others have letter codes and some have random words or phrases. What is written on the back is meaningless, except that it allows each foot to be different from every other foot, even if they are the same color and size. Make one pair, however, exactly identical in size, shape and the written code on the back. Jumble the feet together and give one foot to each guest on arrival. After everyone is settled, gusts must find the person who has a matching foot to theirs -- without talking to one another. Only one couple can win; they get a door prize.

One-Step-at-a-Time Directions

Send a writing-paper-page-sized baby foot with the invitations. Ask guests to write down their favorite recipes and provide "step-by-step" instructions on how to make it. Have guests share these recipes at the shower, and keep enough paper and pens for the other guests to write down the "steps" if they like the recipes.

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