Baby Shower Gift Ideas You Can Make

by Mandi Titus
A gift you make is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

A gift you make is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

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Making your gift for a baby shower allows you to bring a unique present and show your love and support for the parents-to-be and their new baby. Though a diaper cake is a popular homemade gift, there are other gift options for you to make, allowing your present to stand out in the crowd.

Baby Bouquet

A baby bouquet takes a simple infant outfit, a onesie, hat, pants, pair of socks and a bib, and turns them into a bouquet of flowers. Each item must be rolled up tightly and individually before being secured to floral wire with gardening tape and displayed in a pot or basket with an assortment of silk flowers. For an embellished look, use the floral tape to wrap silk leaves and flower buds around each item to make them look more like flowers before placing them in the bouquet. Another option is to use multi-colored washcloths or specific clothing items that you know the new baby will need instead of completing a whole outfit.

Nursery Art

Use your artistic talent to create art for the baby's nursery. Talk to the mom-to-be before the event and ask her about the nursery theme or color scheme. Paint a picture on a small piece of canvas board or spell out the baby's name in hand painted wooden letters or blocks. Martha Stewart's website suggests decoupaging a variety of paper products, such as wallpaper remnants, tissue paper or magazine pages, to a wooden board to match the nursery theme. Remember to sign your artwork once you have finished.

Embellished Clothing

Embellish solid colored onesies, shirts and other baby clothing items to create a colorful homemade shower gift. Use fabric paints to draw a simple design or write a simple saying on the front of an outfit. Sew or iron on a decorative patch. Fabric dye creates colorful, even tie-dyed, clothing items. Add a small pocket to a pair of pants or the front of a shirt by sewing on a small square of fabric. Fabric scraps cut into shapes, such as an animal, necktie or flower, can be attached to an outfit using a sewing machine or iron-on interfacing.

Care Kits

A themed basket focuses on all of the things new parents will need in a specific situation. For example, a bath basket might contain items such as a washcloth, a small tub toy and a bottle of baby shampoo or soap, all displayed in a baby tub. Add additional items, such as a towel you made or embellished, or a bath book with a special dedication, make the gift even more personal. This type of gift allows you to give the parents items from their registry while still making a unique gift for them.

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