Baby Shower Games for Winning Favors

by Mandi Titus
Games played while opening shower gifts keep guests involved.

Games played while opening shower gifts keep guests involved.

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Playing a baby shower game that involves winning a favor or small take-home prize is a simple way to get shower guests involved in the festivities. Games can be used to help guests get to know each other or the mother-to-be, keep them entertained during a present opening marathon or simply as an enjoyable shower activity.

Getting to Know You Games

A simple game that allows shower guest to get to know each other involves asking simple questions, such as "Who has the oldest child?" or "Who has the most kids?" and allowing shower guests to share their answers until the prize-winning participant is determined. For an activity focusing on getting to know the mother-to-be, ask her questions about her childhood, such as her favorite color, the age she was when she started walking or her childhood nickname. The guest who is able to answer the most questions about the mother-to-be correctly is the winner.

Gift Opening Games

Keep shower guests focused on the presents the mother-to-be is receiving by having them each create a bingo card, listing specific items, such as a pink newborn onesie, a pack of size 2 diapers or a stroller travel system, that they think she will unwrap. Each time the mom-to-be opens a present on the guest's card, she gets to cover the square. The participant who fills her bingo card first wins a small prize. For a simpler gift opening game, set a kitchen timer to go off at 10-minute intervals and give a prize to the person whose present mom is opening. Another option is to label each gift with a number as guests arrive and have mom pick a number out of a hat before opening the presents. When mom comes to the present that matches the number she selected, the gift-giver receives a small favor.

Games of Chance

Shower guests can help the mother-to-be complete her thank you cards by filling out an envelope with their address upon arrival at the shower. To encourage guest participation, make the activity into a game, picking one or two completed envelopes out of a hat at the end of the shower, with the winning guests taking home a prize. Keep the games going as shower guests eat by placing a small sticker or written note under one of the plates. After everyone has food, invite guests to look under their plate to see who receives a prize for having the sticker.

Competition Games

Learn which guests are most familiar with baby products by placing individual items such as a pacifier, a rattle and a diaper in their own paper bags. Staple or glue the bags shut and allow guests to feel and shake the bags to determine what each item is. Give a prize to the guest who names the most items correctly. Complete a similar activity with baby food by removing the label from a variety of jarred baby foods and having guests sample and identify each one. Another competition idea involves placing a selection of baby items out for shower guests to view and guess the price of, with the guest being closest to the total cost or the price of each item being the game's winner.

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