Baby Shower Games for a Nautical Theme

by Kimberly Turtenwald, Demand Media

    The hostess for a baby shower can choose any theme she wishes. However, it works best if the mother-to-be has input into the shower theme. If the parents are into a nautical theme for their baby, a nautical-themed baby shower is the perfect choice. In addition to nautical decorations, you can give the games a nautical twist in keeping with the theme.

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    Word Puzzles

    Word games are a frequent choice for baby shower games. In many cases, these word games use baby-themed words to get everyone in the baby mood. This is what women expect when you hand them a word game at a baby shower. To add to the nautical theme for the baby shower, choose nautical words instead. Avoid choosing words that are complicated and not familiar to the average person. However, using words like "octopus," "ocean liner" and "sailboat" can all work. It also catches guests off guard.

    Sea Animals

    Give each guest a piece of paper with all the letters of the alphabet written on them. Instruct the guests to come up with the name of a sea creature that begins with each letter. Some letters are harder than others, but guests should be able to come up with creatures for many of the letters. The one or two people who find a word for the most letters win the game.

    Don't Say "Baby"

    When you go to a baby shower, you expect everyone to be talking about babies. Therefore, it is safe to say that most of your guests will say "baby" at some point or another. For some baby showers, hostesses use baby pins for this game. However, with a nautical theme, you can use small rubber ducks or some other nautical-themed object. Give each guest two or three objects and let them know that whenever they hear someone say the word "baby," they are to take one of that person's items. The person with the most objects at the end of the shower wins a prize.

    Water Games

    Some baby shower games incorporate water and can be used to incorporate the nautical theme into the shower. For example, freeze small nautical items, such as fish or boats, into the bottom of cups of water before the shower. At the shower, give each guest a cup and instruct the guest to melt the ice as quickly as possible. Whoever can melt their ice the fastest and retrieve the item frozen in the bottom wins. If the shower is outside, you can insert objects into water balloons. Whoever pops a balloon with an object inside wins.

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