Baby Shower Games Ideas for Boys

by Christina Schnell
Enjoy your baby shower with boy-themed decorations and games.

Enjoy your baby shower with boy-themed decorations and games.

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Your baby shower celebrates the upcoming arrival of your new baby boy and your transition to motherhood with close friends and family. You know you're having a boy, so decorations and color schemes are easy, but the game aspect of a baby shower is challenging since many of the classic shower games include both sexes. Maximize the festivities and game time by playing specifically boy-themed games.

Boy Bingo

Cut a white poster board into several small squares. Draw grid lines and place a sticker inside each grid square with an iconic "boy" image, such as a baseball and gloves, frogs or race cars. Place one of each sticker on a folded piece of paper and mix them together in a jar or hat. Give each guest a bingo square and a stack of pennies. Draw one sticker from the jar, announce the image and remix the sticker with the others inside the jar. The first guest with five pennies in a row wins boy bingo.

Boy Name Race

In this game, guests have one minute to write down all the boy names they know beginning with a certain letter. Write each letter of the alphabet on a folded piece of paper beforehand, and mix them together in a jar. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen. Draw a letter from the jar and start the stopwatch for one minute. Keep a baby name book or computer nearby in case some names need confirmation. The guest who thinks of the most boy names wins.

Diaper Leak

In the game "diaper leak," guests race to diaper a water-spouting baby boy water balloon. Fill several large, round balloons with water and distribute them among the guests. Have the first contestant place her water balloon on the designated table, with the timer on the other side. Announce "on your mark, get set, go" and puncture the water balloon with a safety pin. Start timing immediately after puncturing the balloon. The guest who diapers the leaking water balloon fastest wins.

Boy-Word Pictionary

Write down several stereotypical toys and activities boys enjoy--such as cars, skateboarding or transformers--on folded pieces of paper and mix them in a jar. Set up a whiteboard or tape several pieces of large paper to the wall. Divide your guests into teams and have each member draw a boy-word. The guest has two minutes to convey the word to her team in pictures, images and arrows. Play five rounds, and the team who gets the most correct answers wins.

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