Baby Shower Games for Fathers-to-Be

by Madison Rayne
Baby showers are popular celebrations for mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be.

Baby showers are popular celebrations for mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be.

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A baby shower is a celebration of new life that centers around the mommy-to-be, with an invite of her closest family and friends. This celebration often includes finger foods, fellowship, bathroom breaks and games. Historically, baby showers were strictly women only; however, more and more women are deciding to include the father-to-be and create a co-ed theme. To keep everyone happy and have a good time, you should incorporate some father-to-be games. These amusing baby shower games are an interesting and exciting way to bring daddy in on the celebration.

Baby Bottle Drinker

For this game you will need plenty of baby bottles and beverages. Fill the bottles with your choice of beverage including juice, milk, soda or beer and place the nipple on it. Line up the players and place a baby bottle in front of each of them. On the mark of "Go," players must drink from the bottle without using their hands. They can use any other method to drink from the bottle as long as they don't touch the bottle with their hands. Watch as the players use their imagination to complete the task. The first player to finish their bottle wins.

Diaper Olympics

You will need two infant-sized baby dolls, diapers, wipes and powder. Divide the party into two teams. Have each team stand in a line, one after the other. Place diapers, wipes and powder on a table at the other end of the room. Hand the first player on each team a baby with a diaper. On the mark of "Go," the first player of each team runs to the table, takes the diaper off and wipes the baby's bottom. The players need to put another diaper on the baby, apply baby powder and fasten it correctly. For an extra challenge, use cloth diapers and pins. The participants run back to their teams and hand the baby off to the next player, who then runs to the table and does the same thing. The first team to have all their players change the baby's diaper the right way, without dropping him, is the winner.

Pregnancy Charades

Prepare a stack of cards before the baby shower with tasteful pregnancy, labor and delivery words and phrases. Divide the party into teams of women and men, or mixed, then place the cards within reach of all players. Each round, one person from a team will draw a card and look at it. Place two minutes on a timer and watch as the player acts out the word or phrase without talking. The playing team earns one point every time a teammate guesses the right answer. Teammates take turns playing until the timer runs out. Switch teams and place two minutes on the timer. Play five to 10 rounds then add up the points; the team with the most wins.

Pregnant Daddy

You will need a bag of medium balloons and several lengths of yarn cut into 20 inch pieces. Have all the men untie their shoes. For men not wearing shoes with shoelaces, provide them pieces of yarn to put around their ankles. Hand the men balloons and have them blow them up to the size of a pregnant belly. Men who already have a "pot-belly" should blow up a smaller balloon. Instruct them to put the balloon under their shirt to create a pregnant belly. If the guys don't have large enough shirts, you can either give them a bigger shirt to wear or let some of the air out of their balloon. Have the men sit down in chairs and on the on the mark of "Go," have them race to tie both of their shoes without popping the balloon. Watch as they try to come up with some creative ideas to get around their "bellies." The fastest one to tie both of his shoes without popping the balloon is the winner.

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