Baby Shower Game Involving Naming Celebrity Parents and Their Children

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A baby shower is a memorable event for the mom-to-be.

A baby shower is a memorable event for the mom-to-be.

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Baby showers are a fun and important experience for an expectant mom. Thoughtful planning and memorable games help to make the experience successful. The right baby shower games help encourage guests to feel at ease, talking, laughing and getting to know one another while helping to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere.

Be a Celebrity Mom

As guests arrive at the shower, tape the name of a famous celebrity mom to each person's back--such as Princess Diana, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama or Nadia Suleman (the "Octomom"). Instruct the guests to help each person figure out what celebrity she is by dropping hints during their conversation. For example, congratulating a guest on her son's recent marriage to Kate might help her realize she is Princess Diana. You might even have them enter the party on a red carpet to really make them feel like celebrities.

Matching Names

Make a list of celebrity parents in one column and celebrity children in another column. Scramble the columns so the couples are not next to their own babies. Distribute pencils, and see which guest can match up the correct celebrity parents to the correct children. Set a time limit, and award a prize for the most correct answers. Be sure to use a variety of celebrities from a variety of generations so that all guests are able to participate. To make it more difficult, you could also eliminate the second column completely and have guests write in the names of the children of each celebrity couple.

Name That Parent

Hold up a picture of the child of a celebrity couple for the guests to see. Tell the guests to shout out the name of the famous celebrity parent of the child when they know it. Whoever names the most celebrity parents correctly is the winner.

Use Hollywood-Themed Prizes

Think outside the box when it comes to prizes for these celebrity-themed games. Perhaps you might put together a collection of current pop culture magazines, or have a trophy made that looks similar to an Academy Award. A gift card to the local movie theater or a coupon for a local movie rental store and microwave popcorn would also be appropriate.

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