Baby Shower Corsage With Artificial Flowers

by Shannon Ankeny
Match the corsage to the decorations, too.

Match the corsage to the decorations, too.

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Corsages are a long-recognized way of honoring someone at a special occasion, and are worn around the wrist or neck or pinned to the lapel area of a shirt or in the hair. They are made from a set of flowers or from a single bloom. Honoring an expectant mother at a baby shower is a perfect occasion for a corsage and can be done using artificial flowers instead of real flowers. Using artificial flowers is beneficial if the wearer has flower allergies or if you would like to preserve the corsage as a keepsake.

Main Flowers

Choose colors for the main piece of the corsage according to the gender of the baby if it is known or according to the mother's personal taste. The main centerpiece is usually just one flower or a cluster of three small flowers. Large artificial flowers can be purchased at craft stores. Popular choices are roses, carnations, daisies and lilies. These are made from silk, paper, plastic or leather, and are attached to an artificial stem made of wire or plastic.

Accent Flowers

Choose one to two smaller flowers, such as artificial baby's breath or smaller daisies, to serve as accents to the main flower piece. These should be in complementary colors and should not overpower the main piece. These are used as fillers to give the corsage more body. These are made from the same materials as the main flowers.


Use greenery, such as rose leaves or larger non-floral leaves, to frame the main flower and its accent flowers. These are generally placed in the back of the corsage, and are used in odd numbers. Most greenery is made from fabric or plastic, and is also attached to a piece of wire or plastic stem.

Specific Baby Shower Touches

Use small feathers, glitter, rhinestones and decorative ribbon to give your corsage more color and embellishment. Use only two to three of these because using too many will make the corsage heavy and can overpower the beauty of the flowers and greenery. Add a small charm, such as a silver baby booty, pacifier or antique stroller, to give the corsage the added ornamentation it needs for a baby shower.


Use floral tape to attach the main flowers' stems to floral wire, which makes it possible to arrange and bend the flowers. Leave at least 3 inches of stem on the main flowers and lay the stems parallel to the wire; wrap the floral tape tightly around both to give the appearance of a stem. Trim any extra stems and wire that are too long. Use a hot glue gun to glue the accent flowers, greenery and embellishments to the main piece.

Wearing the Corsage

Glue a piece of elastic that is 1/2 inch wide to the back of the corsage if it is going to be worn on the wrist. The corsage can also be tied to the wrist using a piece of ribbon that is also tied to the stem of the corsage. Use a long hat pin or sewing straight pin to fasten it to the wearer's clothing by weaving the pin in and out of the fabric and the stem of the corsage.

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