Baby Shower Clothesline Decoration Ideas

by Christi Aldridge
A clothesline can be an inspired way to decorate a baby shower.

A clothesline can be an inspired way to decorate a baby shower. Images

Decorating for a baby shower is fun, but it can also be practical. Hanging items from an old-fashioned clothesline makes a cute decoration, but when you hang useful items on it, it can double as a gift for the mother-to-be. Clothesline decor makes an adorable decoration for outside showers as well as indoor venues. Gift the recipient with the entire clothesline once the shower is over.


Purchase newborn-sized clothing and hang each item separately on the clothesline. The tiny clothes look so sweet hanging on the line, and the new mom will be happy to get clothing for the baby. Take into consideration the season and buy appropriate clothes and necessary items such as onesies, sleepers and T-shirts. Another idea is to have the mom's friends decorate white onesies with fabric markers that wish the couple and baby well and hang those on the clothesline. They will make a nice keepsake for the mom.


Hang a paper banner on the clothesline wishing the couple congratulations. Make the banner yourself using pieces of card stock or construction paper, or print it out on your computer. Hanging the banner from a clothesline gives it an added touch that simply putting it on the wall won't do. Alternatively, hang small flags in the shower's theme colors from the clothesline to add color to the decor.


Hang tiny diapers from the clothesline to make an adorable and useful decoration. Newborn-sized diapers can be hung on several clotheslines in different areas of the shower to add another touch of baby to the celebration. If you don't want to gift the diapers to the mom, use a marker to write letters that spell out a well wish on each diaper, or have guests write messages on the plain diapers.


Gather up some needed baby supplies for the new mom and hang these items from the clothesline. Pacifiers look cute on the line, or consider other items such as rattles or small stuffed toys, baby socks, combs and anything else light enough to be hung on the clothesline. Place a basket at the end of the line and when the shower is over put all of the items into the basket and give them to the new mom.

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