Baby Shower Bible Games Ideas

by Carolyn Scheidies
Match mothers from the Bible to their children.

Match mothers from the Bible to their children.

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Baby showers give women a chance to celebrate the birth of a new baby with gifts, food and good wishes. Playing baby shower games also breaks the tension for guests who may not know each other and brings a sense of fun to the shower as the women try to figure out answers to puzzles, questions and other games. Games with a Bible theme are the perfect addition to a shower for the Christian mother-to-be.

Mother Match

Play Bible match games that focus on mothers and children. Match Biblical mothers to their children. On the left side of a page list Biblical mothers. On the ride side, in no particular order, list the children. For example, Seth is the son of Eve, Shem the son of Noah, Benjamin the son of Rachel, Isaac the son of Sarah, and John the Baptist the son of Elizabeth. Guests draw lines matching children to their mothers. Change this around by calling out the name of the mother with the ladies guessing the name of the child. This game can be played with teams.

Find the Reference

On the left side of sheets of paper, print out the text of the following verses, Exodus 20:12, Psalm 91:11, Psalm 127:3, Isaiah 11:6, Jeremiah 1:5, Mark 9:36--37, Luke 2:27, Ephesians 6:1, Colossians 3:20 or any others that apply to mothers, babies and parenting. On the right side, out of order, list the references. Draw a line from the verse to the reference. The guest who gets the most correct matches wins.

Bible Bingo

Parenting is all about love and God's word reveals what love is all about. From "The Love Chapter" of I Corinthians 13:4-8a, create bingo cards using the words and phrases from the verses that define Biblical love. These include kindness, patience, not jealous, not rude or self-centered and hopes for the best. A prize for the winner of baby shower Bible bingo might be a plaque or hanging of the scriptural passage. You can also create bingo cards using Bible babies, parents or selected Psalm references.

Just the Facts

Head index cards with the name of Biblical babies who became important people when they grew up such as Moses, Noah, Daniel, Ruth and Naomi. Underneath write three to five facts about the Bible characters. For Moses you can say, "His mother saved his life by putting him in the river." For Ruth say, "She left her home to live with her mother-in-law in a foreign land." For Daniel say, "He and his friends refused to eat the king's rich food." The hostess reads the clues and the guests write down their answers on a piece of paper. Turn this game around by giving facts about parents of more well-known Bible characters with the women guessing the name of the child. For example, once you give facts about Adam, someone might guess Cain, Abel or Seth.


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