Awesome Sweet 16 Party Games

by Krystal Miller

When planning a "sweet 16" party, include games to help break the ice and get the guests acquainted with one another. Many teens may think they are too "old" to play games; however, creating entertaining games is a sure way to get them involved in the party. You can also entice the teens to play along by awarding small electronics and gift cards to game winners.

Balloon Games

Play a game of balloon darts using "Sweet 16" labeled balloons. Attach the balloons to a cork board using thumbtacks and write numbers that correspond with small prizes on the back of the balloons. Some small prize examples include candy bars, jewelry and iTunes gift cards. A player has three chances to pop a balloon. If she pops a balloon, she wins the corresponding prize. For another balloon game, write a number on each balloon and assign it to each guest. Guests must hide their balloons around the play area. When you say "Go," players must hunt for balloons and pop them. If a player pops a balloon, she must say "(Number) is out" and that player is out of the game. The last player with an unpopped balloon wins the game.

Fashion Designer Contest

Give the guests a variety of clothes from your local thrift store that they can use to decorate. They can use a hot glue gun, rhinestones, glitter pens, fabric markers, iron-on transfers and stencils to decorate the clothing. For added fun, have the guests model the clothes when they finish. The guests can compete in the contest individually or in teams. Award prizes to the best, most creative, funniest and scariest clothing piece.

Food Games

Fill paper bowls with 10 small candies in each bowl. Cover the candies with pudding and place a bowl in front of each player. When you say "Go," players must place their hands behind their back and dig out all the candies using only their mouths. The first player to find all 10 candies wins the game and a prize. If you do not have pudding, you can use whipped cream instead. Another variation is to give each player an inexpensive pie and see who can eat the pie the fastest with his hands behind his back.

Paper Games

Make word scrambles and word finds using words related to a sweet 16 party. Some example words include car, drive, happy, parents, music, teenager, celebrate, dance and sixteen. Scramble the words on a sheet of paper and give each guest a copy. The player who completes the word scramble first wins the game. Create a word find using similar words and award a prize to the player who completes the word find first.

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