Awesome Halloween Party Ideas for Teens

by Samantha Kemp
Add some scary props for your Halloween party.

Add some scary props for your Halloween party.

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Imagine a room full of bloody tables, rotting corpses and a tombstone with your name on it. This isn't a nightmare; it's the ideal Halloween party scene for teens. Add themed costumes, their fascination for vampires, scary music and food, and your party will be the awesome event of the scene that your friends remember for years to come.


Costumes have been done before, but you can make your teen party more interesting by defining the theme. For example, rather than having guests come in typical Halloween costumes, invite them to wear costumes from a specific movie, their own favorite scary movie or wear only homemade costumes. Having all the guests wear masks also makes the party more interesting as guests try to figure out who is behind the mask.

Haunted House

Teens typically love going to haunted houses. Make your party into a scary scene with a crazy person yielding a chainsaw, fake mutilated body parts, gory bloody scenes and volunteers who jump and scare guests. Use props like fake bloody knives, spider webs, gauze, paper mached mummies and skeletons, fake hanging bodies and tombstones. Add scarecrows to a field around the house.

Vampire Lair

Another direction is to make a vampire lair for your Halloween party. Use coffins made from plywood with bodies dressed in capes inside. If all the guests dress as vampires, this theme will be easier to achieve. Cover the windows with dark draperies to cover any light coming in. Lit candles and fireplaces provide alternative light for the event. Gargoyle statues and vials with fake blood make the lair more believable.

Movie Projector

Add scary movies to your teen Halloween party with the use of an old-fashioned projector. Set up a movie viewing room inside or outside and play vintage scary movies. Guests have the option to sit back and watch the movie or join in the other party festivities.


Serve Halloween food that is suitable for your Halloween party. Make blood punch, eyeball donuts and sculpt dough to look like fingers. Jello looks like slime and comes in many Halloween colors like green, red and purple. You can easily make cookies in the shape of scary cats, pumpkins and scarecrows with cookie cutters. A cauldron full of soup, stew or punch is another fitting option.

Craft Station

Set up an area where teens can make their own scary props or Halloween decorations. Some options for your craft station include making a mask, decorating a skull or making Voodoo dolls. Have all of the supplies ready before the party and include extra copies of instructions so guests can make their own props without assistance.


Play scary music mixed with heavy metal music during the party. Sound effects of wind blowing, a chain saw, scary laughter and screams help set the scene for your party. You can also play theme music from classic scary movies, such as "Nightmare on Elm Street," "Halloween," or "Friday the 13th."

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