Available High Speed Internet in Edelstein, Illinois

by Leslie Howerton
You can choose from several high speed Internet options in Edelstein.

You can choose from several high speed Internet options in Edelstein.

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Edelstein is located just north of Peoria and approximately 150 miles west of Chicago. Four companies offer both broadband and DSL high speed Internet in Edelstein: Comcast, Wild Blue, Hughesnet and AT&T.; You can find an option that fits your Internet speed needs and your budget. Not every option is available in every neighborhood in Edelstein, so check each company's website to see if its service is available at your home or office.

Comcast High Speed Internet

Comcast offers high speed broadband cable Internet with speeds up to 12 Mbps. Whether you're looking for basic high speed service or enough power for large downloads and online gaming, Comcast has a package for it. Every account comes with a customizable Internet portal and comprehensive security software. You can also choose to set up the hardware yourself with Comcast's installation software, or you can have a professional set it up for you. If you already have cable or phone service from Comcast you can bundle the Internet service with it to save money.

Wild Blue

Wild Blue offers high speed broadband Internet to residents of Edelstein and the rural areas surrounding it. Wild Blue uses two high powered satellites to provide service, so you don't need a phone line. You do need a mini satellite dish and a modem that Wild Blue will provide and install for you at no extra charge. You won't have to download any additional software and you'll always be connected.


Hughesnet is also a satellite Internet service that provides high speed service to Edelstein and the rural areas around it. A professional technician will install a two-way satellite dish to your house and then run coaxial cables from the dish to a satellite modem inside. You can have it set up to include a home network and wireless access. You don't need a phone line with Hughesnet and it offers packages for residential and business accounts.


AT&T; offers high speed DSL Internet with wireless access. You can also access your AT&T; account from thousands of AT&T; Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. Set up a home or office network with or without a phone line. You can choose from several packages with varying speeds and prices that fit your needs. DSL is available in Edelstein, but not in every neighborhood, so make sure you check AT&T;'s website to see if it's offered at your home or office.

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