ATV Trails Near Ottawa, Canada

by Edith Quinn

Despite its being a large city made up of both urban and rural communities, you'll find it impossible to discover Ottawa on an all-terrain vehicle due to city and federal policies regarding the proper use of recreational trails. Your best option to explore the area on ATV is to travel outside of the city's boundaries to nearby jurisdictions. Many communities bordering Ottawa have trails that cater to the ATV lifestyle.

Renfrew County

Sitting next door to the city of Ottawa, Renfrew County has a vast ATV trail network that spans into the upper reaches of the Ottawa Valley. ATV users will travel through pristine forests, fertile agricultural land and rugged areas settled by the region's first pioneers. Although riders will enjoy the area's natural beauty, they won't be far from the amenities of modern life, such as hotels and restaurants. The trail system winds through many communities, such as Calabogie, Renfrew, Deacon and Pembroke.


ATV enthusiasts can enjoy nearly 12 miles of trails through Larose Forest in nearby Prescott-Russell County. Home to a wide variety of animals and birds, this forest spans thousands of acres and consists of about 18 million trees. To use the trail, ATV riders must have a proper permit on their machines and be members of the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs. You can purchase memberships online.

Outaouais Region

Cross the Ottawa River into the Outaouais region of the province of Quebec to experience some of the most scenic ATV trails in the area The Outaouais region has several ATV clubs, many of which maintain the trail system. With more than 10,000 miles of maintained routes, the province has one of the largest ATV trail systems on the continent. The region has several outfitters that cater to ATV enthusiasts.

ATV Safety

Always keep safety in mind when riding an ATV. If you already haven't, take an ATV training course taught by a certified teacher. Never operate your ATV after consuming drugs or alcohol, and ride with a buddy or within a group. Ride your machine according to your abilities as a driver. Wear the proper equipment and clothing, including a helmet, gloves and boots. Before heading on the trails, do a safety check of your ATV and ensure you have the proper trail permits. When riding on trails, show respect to other trail users.

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