Attractions in Lazdijai, Lithuania

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The district of Lazdijai lies in southern Lithuania.

The district of Lazdijai lies in southern Lithuania.

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Lazdijai gains its name from the Lazdija River running through it, with the area forming part of Alytus County in Southern Lithuania. The district has a largely rural landscape, with only two larger towns, Veisiejai and the administrative capital, Lazdijai, located in it. Visitors to the district have the choice of natural attractions in the beautiful countryside and historic and cultural attractions in the towns and villages.

Natural Attractions

The natural attractions of Southern Lithuania include the many lakes in the region, and visitors can gain an appreciation of this in Meteliai Regional Park ( Established in the 1990s to safeguard the natural environment around Obelija, Dusia and Metelys Lakes, it provides attractions and activities for visitors. Touring the cycle routes and walking paths around the park affords views of the lakes, and a chance to see the native wildlife and plants of the area. The park also hosts annual events, with these including St Ann's Feast in July, Fisherman's Day in August and the Bird Watching Festival in October.


Visitors interested in the history of Lazdijai can visit the Culture and Education Museum (, in Lazdijai Town. Housed in a building that dates back to the 1920s, the museum stages exhibitions and events relating to the history and culture of Lazdijai Town and the surrounding area. It also hosts touring events from museums in other areas of Lithuania, and visitors can view a collection of books, photos, artwork and artifacts from the Lazdijai area.


The attractions in Veisiejai ( include a Sculpture Park in the town center. Built in the 1980s, the park showcases wood carved figures and objects representing the history of Veisiejai. Those who visit the town from May to September can enjoy the Water, Music and Light Show. This involves a large fountain on Ancia Lake, in Veisiejai Town Park, with the water jets coordinated with light and music in a spectacular two-hour evening show.

Historic Locations

The Church of the Holy Trinity (, in the village of Rudamina, has a history dating back to the mid-18th century. Constructed thanks to the generosity of a local land owner, the church has a Baroque-style appearance, and the interior boasts many religious art pieces and objects for visitors to view. The Battle of Kalniske Field took place in Kalniske woods during 1945, with a small force of Lithuanian partisans defending their country against a larger force of Soviet troops. Forty-four partisans lost their lives during the fighting and a monument now stands in their honor. Stairs leading to the top of the hill where the partisans fought provides access for tourists to visit the monument.

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