Attractions in Harihareshwar, India

by Danielle Hamill
Several million tourists visit India each year.

Several million tourists visit India each year.

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Known also as "Devghar," or "House of God," the city of Harihareshwar in the Maharashtra state of India is a popular tourist destination. Surrounded by four hills and known for its picturesque shoreline, the city is considered to be blessed. There are several destinations that the city's visitors will want to be sure to see, whether they are staying with Harihareshwar for the duration of their vacation, or just passing through.

Harihareshwar Beach

The beach is the most popular attraction in Harihareshwar. The clear waters and soft white sand are welcoming to visitors. Many tourists enjoy visiting this beach in particular because it is well-kept, uncrowded and unspoiled by pollution or city structures. Rather than skyscrapers towering over the shoreline, trees circle the area, and nearby Harihar Hill seems to stand guard over the beach as it adds to the astonishing scenery.

Kalbhairav Temple

The city of Harihareshwar is a spiritual one, and there are many places of worship. The Kalbhairav Temple is one of the most important spiritual attractions in the city, and even within the state of Maharashtra, due to its status as "Ancient Temple." The story goes that Lord Shiva brought Kalbhairava (the lord of all manthrasastras) into being, then blessed him with all mantras. As such, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and Kalbhairava is one of the temple's idols. Another temple, Temple Yogeshwari, is located on the property.


There is another ancient temple in Harihareshwar called Sundernarayan. The temple was built in the 13th century by King Shilahar and still stands strong to this day. Lord Vishnu is this temple's idol, and there is a breathtaking statue erected in his name. The sculpture depicts Lord Vishnu's four hands, each holding a Chakra, Gada, Padma and Shank. It was expertly crafted so that when the viewer looks upon it, circling it in a clockwise direction, Lord Vishnu has 24 different appearances.

Ganesh Gully

Another spiritual location in Harihareshwar is Ganesh Gully. The gully is an area of about 3 feet located between two rocky mountains. It is here that at 30 feet underwater, near the end of the gully, the Lord Ganesh Idol makes its home in a holy niche. Many visitors make the trek to Ganesh Gully, hoping to see the idol in low tide, but the view alone is worth the visit.

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