Attractions for Guys in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

by Scott Cornell
Gatlinburg is nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Gatlinburg is nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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Gatlinburg is located in eastern Tennessee, nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. While it's marketed as a place for families and a romantic weekend destination for couples, the area is also a playground for male adventurers, particularly those who enjoy outdoor activities, scenic views and museums of all kinds.


There's golf, and then there's mountain golf. The latter is the style of golf featured in Gatlinburg. The rules of golf are the same, the terrain is just different. According to the Gatlinburg Department of Tourism and Convention Center's website, the area's courses are carved right out of the Great Smoky Mountains. The ups and downs are plentiful, the flat terrain is scarce, and the scenery is breath-taking. The area's courses include Bent Creek Golf Course ( and Gatlinburg Municipal Golf Course (

Outdoor Recreation

Gatlinburg features trout fishing in its many streams. Open season in Gatlinburg runs from April 1 through November 30. Catch-and-release season is from December 1 through March 31. However, to fish, one must possess a fishing license. These can be purchased at the Gatlinburg Welcome Center. Whitewater rafting is another activity where males can test their prowess. Groups such as Rafting in the Smokies ( conduct rafting adventures down Gatlinburg's Big Pigeon River from March through November.

National Park

Gatlinburg is home to Great Smoky Mountain National Park (, which is visited by millions of people each year. There are several fun things for guys to do within the park boundaries. For example, about 1,500 black bears live in the park limits, and many visitors hope to catch a glimpse of one. There's also about 800 miles of hiking trails and numerous waterfalls and streams. Guests can camp in one of two places just outside the park limits for easy access to the grounds: the Camping in the Smokies campground ( or the Twin Creek RV Resort (


Gatlinburg offers many outdoor activities, but it isn't lacking on indoor activities, specifically interesting museums. Gatlinburg is home a Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditorium (, which features over 500 unusual artifacts collected from all over the world. There's also a Hollywood Star Cars Museum (, where guests can check out the rides of characters from famous movies such as "Fast Five" and television shows such as "Batman."

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