Attractions in Goyang, Korea

by Lena Freund
Goyang is about 10 miles northwest of Seoul.

Goyang is about 10 miles northwest of Seoul.

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Goyang, in the province of Gyeonggi, is a suburb on the northwestern edge of the Seoul metropolitan area. Home to South Korea's national football team and several universities, Goyang offers many attractions, from a park with a large man-made lake to a large art and music complex and even a musical fountain. Goyang also offers easy access to South Korea's capital city with its palaces, museums and urban life.

Ilsan Lake Park

Ilsan Lake Park ( is home to Asia's largest man-made lake. Opened in 1996, the park is a common leisure and vacation spot for Koreans from Goyang and other areas. Attractions at Ilsan Lake Park include a lakeside plaza, a nature education center, an artificial island and an island dedicated to medicinal plants. There are open spaces for picnics or sunbathing, a stage for live music, a botanical garden, a playground for children, a boat club, a bike path and artificial waterfalls.

The Singing Fountain

The Singing Fountain is located on the edge of Ilsan Lake. The fountain does not actually sing, however. Rather, it is used as an attraction combining a light show, a water show and recorded musical accompaniment. Operators make parts of the fountain surge and ebb while other pieces remain the same. Some parts of the fountain light up in different colors at different times. Musical background such as "Summer" from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" accompanies the light and water shows.

Aram Nuri Arts Center

The Aram Nuri Arts Center ( is a multipurpose cultural center. The largest element of the arts center is the Aram Opera House, home to not only Korean opera, but also classical ballet and musical theater. The arts complex also houses a digital theater and a concert hall. Alongside these facilities are an arts library, the Aram Art Gallery and an arts village meant to act as an artistic community. Outside is the Norumok Outdoor Theatre with its open-air stage.


Located only 10 miles southeast of Goyang, Seoul is South Korea's capital city. Climb the North Seoul Tower for an iconic -- if sometimes hazy -- bird's eye view of the city. Visit Chongdeokgung (, a palace and World Heritage site built in 1405 by King Teajong. Visit the National Museum of Contemporary Art ( or just explore the city on foot.

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