How to Attach Crochet Edging to Fabric

by Camela Bryan

Crochet edging is often made from thin thread or yarn. It can be a a thin line of small loops or a wide band of trim with an intricate pattern. Edging has one straight edge and is designed to go along the edge of an item. You can purchase machine made trim or make your own. The edging can be sewn on quickly with a sewing machine but sewing it on by hand will give your special handmade trim the best appearance.

Items you will need

  • Thread
  • Needle (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional)
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Hand Sewing

Step 1

Thread a needle with 18 inches of thread and knot one end.

Step 2

Fold under 1/2 inch on the end of the trim.

Step 3

Place the folded end of the trim against the edge of the item so that it is butted up against the edge. The trim and the edge should touch but not overlap.

Step 4

Stick the needle through the fabric 1/8 inch in from the edge. Pull the thread through until the knot rests against the back of the fabric.

Step 5

Stitch over the lowest thread on the edging at the point closest to the place the thread came out of the fabric.

Step 6

Make a second stitch in the same way 1/8 inch from the first stitch. Continue stitching in this way until you reach the end of the edge.

Step 7

Fold under the last end of the trim in the same way you folded under the first end. Stitch the folded edge down and knot your thread to secure it. Cut off any excess thread.

Machine Sewing

Step 1

Fold under the end of the trim 1/2 inch.

Step 2

Place the edging on the edge of the item lapping the straight edge over the fabric 1/4 inch.

Step 3

Stitch the edging to the fabric by sewing 1/8 inch from the straight edge of the edging.

Step 4

Fold the final end of the edging under 1/2 inch before you sew it down.

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