Astrological Compatibility of Leo and Taurus

by Donny Quinn
Leos, like lions, can show playful and dangerous traits.

Leos, like lions, can show playful and dangerous traits.

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Many a lover, employee or friend wants to know what the future holds for her new partnership. While some people turn to dating profiles or lifestyle compatibility measurements, others turn to astrology. For compatibility questions, astrologers turn to the birth dates of the two people, looking especially at the relationship between the sun signs, the sign determined by the astrological month and day on which people are born.


The need for attention might cause some incompatibility for Leo and Taurus. Leo needs lots of admiration and attention, according to Linda Goodman, author of "Sun Signs." Conversely, Taurus needs a partner who shows signs of devotion and appreciation. Because of this, the two signs might find themselves each demanding action by the other partner, instead of focusing on their own level of generosity. To mitigate this problem, both the Leo and the Taurus should learn to give affection before demanding it.


Work allows for a great deal of compatibility between Taurus and Leo. The Taurus works hard, but does not need attention for his work. On the other hand, the Leo loves to take the attention away from Taurus' hard work, but does not necessarily put as much into things as the bull. Goodman points out that while with other signs, Leo's need for credit might cause problems in the relationship, the interchange between the Leo and Taurus is symbiotic.


Both Taurus and Leo display a great deal of passion in their love lives. Taurus and Leo both display a type of dedicated passion. While this sometimes leads to obsession, it often turns into a ferocious loyalty. While both signs move slowly before dedicating themselves to someone, the Taurus moves "slow as a bull" and sometimes takes quite a while to match Leo's passion level. This could lead to some problems within the relationship.

Other Indicators

In addition to sun signs, look for indicators in other areas of your charts. For example, a Gemini rising sign reduces the impact of some of Taurus' more stubborn traits, while a Pisces rising might make the Leo more soft. Look especially at the relationships of Venus and Mars, which represent the sexual and romantic principles in astrology, according to the Cafe Astrology website.

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