How to Assemble an HPA Regulator in Paintball

by Alexis Rohlin
The HPA regulator attaches to the top of the CO2 tank and the paintball gun.

The HPA regulator attaches to the top of the CO2 tank and the paintball gun.

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Paintball guns utilize pressurized CO2 tanks to increase the velocity of a paintball as it is shot out of the gun barrel. The high pressure air or HPA regulator is installed on a paintball gun and is attached to the gun's CO2 tank. The HPA regulator has two chambers; one stores the CO2 at a high pressure, the other regulates the gas air pressure when a paintball is shot. Assemble the HPA regulator and install it on your paintball gun to conserve your CO2.

Items you will need

  • Paintball gun oil
  • Clean cloth
  • Blue thread locker
  • Allen wrench, size 10
  • Wrench, size 15/16
  • Teflon plumber's tape
Step 1

Insert the regulator seat assembly, with the seat or thin side facing down, into the body adapter side of the regulator housing. The ring on the top of the seat assembly should rest above the hole with the seat inside it.

Step 2

Pour a dime-sized amount of paintball gun oil onto a clean cloth. Rub the oil on the exterior of the two O-rings located on the wide-collared metal disc spring stack floor of the regulator. Insert the disc spring stack floor into the regulator, over the regulator's seat assembly.

Step 3

Insert the disc springs into the disc spring pack with the short sides of two springs touching each other. Place the first disc spring, wide or long side first, into the disc spring pack. Insert the second disc spring with the short side first into the pack. The two short or smaller sides of the discs should be touching, to make a pair of springs. Install the other disc springs the same way so that they create pairs. Insert the last spring in the pack short-side first.

Step 4

Wipe paintball gun oil onto the O-ring located at the wide end of the piston with the clean rag. Place the disc spring stack into the disc spring stack floor, then insert the piston, short end first, into the disc spring stack floor. Position it so that the wide top of the piston is resting on the disc spring pack; this allows it to compress the springs and recoil properly. Insert the pin valve spring into the hole at the top of the piston. Place the pin valve over the spring. Slide the lock nut down over the assembly and turn it with your fingers to hold the assembly in place.

Step 5

Apply an even layer of blue thread locker onto the threads located on the bottom mounting sleeve of the regulator top adapter. Insert the threaded end of the regulator top adapter into the lock ring and screw it onto the regulator body adapter. Use an Allen wrench to tighten the two hex screws -- one on each side of the regulator body adapter -- to secure the assembly. Tighten the lock nut with a wrench.

Step 6

Wrap a piece of Teflon plumber's tape over the threads on the fill valve. Install the small circular air filter into the hole on the side of the regulator body. Slide the provided O-ring over the end of the fill valve and insert it into the hole where you placed the air filter. Insert the psi gauge into the hole located on the opposite side of the hole where you inserted the fill valve and screw it on with your fingers. The HPA regulator is now ready to be installed into your paintball gun.

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