How Do I Ask My Boyfriend to a Dance?

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Inviting another couple can convince your boyfriend to attend a dance.

Inviting another couple can convince your boyfriend to attend a dance.

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Cindi Lauper famously said "Girls just wanna have fun," and for many girls fun means getting dressed up for parties and dancing with the man of their dreams. The problem, however, is that guys don't always see it the same way. Convincing a guy to go to a dance can be like pulling teeth.

Step 1

Ask during a romantic moment. If you ask your guy to go to the dance with you during a casual moment, he is much more likely to say no if he doesn't really want to go. Ask him when you are at dinner or sitting in the park and romance is on his mind. He is much more likely to agree to maintain the romantic mood.

Step 2

Offer to exchange dates. Guys also have outings they love to attend but have trouble convincing their girlfriends to go with them. Offer to accompany him to a football game dressed up in his team's gear or go to the heavy-metal concert he has been dying to attend. If you show up to a romantic dinner with tickets in hand, it will be almost impossible for him to turn you down as a date to the dance.

Step 3

Pay for dance classes for him. Often guys don't want to go to a dance because they just don't know how to move to the music. Girls grow up dancing with their friends in front of the mirror, while guys are out tackling each other in the mud. If you buy him a week's worth of instructions from a local dance school, his confidence level will shoot up. Not only is he more likely to go to the dance with you, he may rock the night away with you in his arms on the dance floor.

Step 4

Invite another couple. If you say to him, "Jim and Jackie are going to the dance and want us to come with them," it puts an added pressure on him to say yes. Guys are very competitive and he will feel like if he doesn't agree, then the other guy is being a better boyfriend than him. It also shifts the pressure from just you, as he may be uncomfortable making lame excuses to people he doesn't know quite as well.

Step 5

Show him videos of couples dancing together and tell him how attractive you think it is. Not only will this tell him that you want to be with him romantically, but it will stir jealousy and competition in his heart. If he thinks that you are more likely to be attracted to another guy who dances, he will not only to accompany you, but to learn how to dance beforehand.

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