Facts About the Artist T-Pain

by Chelsea Oliver

T-Pain, a popular fixture in the rap and R&B; music scene, is a successful singer-songwriter. He is known for his well-received forays into rapping, producing and acting. T-Pain first began his career as a member of a Tallahassee, Florida rap group. Since breaking into the industry, he has gained a large fan following.

Early Life

The artist T-Pain, or Faheem Najm, was born on June 30, 1985 to Aliyah and Shasheem Najm. The small family lived in Tallahassee, and T-Pain began composing music in a bedroom studio at the age of ten. The stage name T-Pain is short for "Tallahassee Pain;" the artist chose it to reference the hardships of growing up in the town.

Family and Religion

T-Pain married his wife, Amber, in 2003 at the young age of 18. The couple has three children together. Their two sons are named Muzik and Kaydnz, and their daughter is named Lyriq. T-Pain is a practicing member of the Muslim religion.

Early Career

T-Pain was a member of a five-person rap group called the "Nappy Headz" in the early 2000s. He later founded his own label, "Hard & B," in 2002. Shortly after, T-Pain was signed to the "Konvict Music" record label by Akon. Akon signed T-Pain after he heard T-Pain's rendition of his hit song "Locked Up."

Albums and Hit Singles

T-Pain has released three albums as of June 2011. His debut album, which he dubbed "Rappa Ternt Sanga," was released in 2005. T-Pain's second album, "Epiphany," was released in 2007, and his third album, "Thr33 Ringz," came out in 2008. These three albums feature numerous hit singles for the artist, including "I'm Sprung," "I'm in Love (With a Stripper)," "Buy You a Drank" and "Shotz," which can often be heard at nightclubs.