Army-Themed Birthday Games

by Krystal Miller
Plan a memorable army-themed birthday party for your child.

Plan a memorable army-themed birthday party for your child.

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Many young children dream of being soldiers, so it may not come as a surprise when your child wants to have an army-themed birthday party. When planning such a party, prepare a variety of games for the children that offer exercise and camaraderie. Hand out items like dog tags, toy binoculars and camouflage wristbands to all winners to keep the children interested in the games.


Test the strength of the army party guests with a game of tug-o-war. Divide the players into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides of a large rope. Mark a line on the floor or ground in the middle of the rope. The first team to pull the other team over the line wins the game. For a party outside on a hot summer day, place a small plastic swimming pool in the middle. The first team to pull the opposing team into the pool of water wins the game. Give one team green T-shirts and one team brown T-shirts to wear as "uniforms."

Grenade Games

Prepare a large bucket of green water balloons before the party. Give each child a green water balloon to play a game of grenade toss. The child who can toss the grenade the farthest distance without dropping it or bursting it wins the game. Another idea is to make a target using rope by laying the rope on the ground to create several rings like a bull's eye. Write a point value in each ring of the target and have the guests toss water balloon grenades at the target. The player who earns the most points out of five tosses wins the game.

Hunt Games

Hide several plastic soldiers all over the play area. Give each player a sack to hold his finds. The player with the most plastic soldiers wins the game. Mark a silver dot on the bottom of a few of the soldiers. The children who find the specially marked soldiers also win a prize. For a variation, hide soldier figurines dressed in green, black and brown. Call out a number and a color, such as "three green soldiers." The first player to find the correct number and color of soldiers wins a small prize.

Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course for the party guests using boxes, ropes, cones and nets. The children can crawl through or jump over boxes, walk on top of ropes, run around cones and shuffle their feet through a net on the ground. Time the children individually or in teams. The individual or team with the fastest time wins the race. If you have enough supplies, make two identical courses and have two teams race side by side.

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