Archery in Southeast Michigan

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Southeast Michigan is home to many well-known archery clubs.

Southeast Michigan is home to many well-known archery clubs. Images

Archery clubs in southeast Michigan provide both sport and practice for the bow hunting season. Bow hunters and archers use southeast Michigan archery ranges for target shooting, competitions, hunter safety classes and league shooting. Southeast Michigan archery ranges and clubs also offer three dimensional shooting on archery courses for every level of target practice.

The Caledonia Sportsman's Club

The Caledonia Sportsman's Club is located in Coldwater, Michigan in the southeast corner of Kent County. This club features 80 acres of wooded property with both indoor and outdoor three dimensional target courses for compound and traditional bows. The Caledonia Sportsman's Club offers hunter safety classes for youth and classes for bow hunting and archery. The club house features a meeting room to accommodate groups up to 200 people. Winter league shooting is available from January through April.

Centerline of Calhoun County

Centerline of Calhoun County, located in Bellevue, is one of Michigan's finest family shooting facilities. For the archer, Centerline provides a three dimensional archery range with 30 targets at four different levels of play. Centerline has been in operation since 1889, starting out as the Battle Creek Gun Club. Memberships are available for families, seniors, individuals, law enforcement and military. Non-members are welcome on the archery course for slightly higher fees than members.

Demmer Center

The Demmer Center, located on the campus of Michigan State University in Lansing, offers personal training in archery marksmanship from professional trainers and coaches. The center is open to the public and equipment rental is available. Every level or archer is welcome at the Demmer Center. There are four archer ranges at the facility: a competition outdoor range with 15 lanes and 30 shooting points, a field-three dimensional range with 20 lanes and 40 shooting points, a beginner outdoor range with 15 lanes and 30 shooting points and an indoor range with 11 lanes and 22 shooting points.

Jackson County Outdoor Club

The Jackson County Outdoor Club is located in Jackson, Michigan and offers three dimensional archery targets and elevated archery stands. This club is open to the public with shooting fees for ages 13 to adult. Children 12 and under shoot for free. Three dimensional targets include deer, bear, turkey, elk, buffalo and boar. The Jackson County Outdoor Club is designed for anyone who enjoys using and preserving Michigan's outdoor resources.

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